Using Environmental Sociology to Work Across Emotions-Based Political Differences

In this radio interview with Cindy Kamp on Catalyst WYCE, we discuss the recent work Strangers in their Own Land by Dr. Arlie Hochschild and the significance of using environmental problems as keyhole issues to work across political difference. We also discuss the history and significance the Community Leadership Program has on the Grand Rapids, MI area in giving students and communities hands on tools to work across political, identity, and emotional divides. We were then able to meet and have deep discussions about this issue when Dr. Hochschild came to deliver her Women’s Studies keynote lecture (pictured above).

Neoliberalism, Urbanism, and Sustainable Development

In this recent book, I coauthored the introductory chapter titled “Chicago: Neoliberal City” laying out the parameters of neoliberalism and then in chapter 4 “Urban Sustainability and the ‘Greening’ of Neoliberal Chicago” I present the challenges of enacting sustainable, socially just, solutions in this context. Here is the publisher link for more information:

Below is an interview of one of the editors and one of the contributors to this research on the radio show “Live from the Heartland” on WLUW 88.7fm in Chicago.

Hardcore punk as used in collective identity formation

Melissa Ross, host of “First Coast Connect” on WJCT community supported public radio in Jacksonville, FL, interviewed me about a recent article I co-authored where we dive into hardcore punk as a technology of the collective. I have also linked to the article in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

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